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Civil litigation is a broad term that encompasses most legal disputes between private parties. From the investigation stage, determining whether you have a case, to drafting tailored pleadings and discovery to strengthen your position, and conducting pre-trial and trial work, the Law Office of Jhiela M. Poynter is prepared to help you evaluate your options and pursue your case at any stage of litigation.



Whether you have a will or trust contest, a problem with a fiduciary, or some other dispute regarding a testamentary instrument, the Law Office of Jhiela M. Poynter can help you establish or protect your inheritance rights.

Power of Attorney


With all of the do-it-yourself guides out there, it may be tempting to try and write your own will, but estate planning is not, and should not be a "one-size-fits-all" endeavor. Let the Law Office of Jhiela M. Poynter help you determine the right plan for you and your family.

City Skyline


Reliable legal counsel is a valuable asset whether you manage a start-up or have run an established company for years. The Law Office of Jhiela M. Poynter can help you navigate the complexities of business, litigation, from standard contract disputes to DTPA matters, and more. Contact the office today if your company needs representation.



When you or someone you are close to has been injured in a car accident, or other accident resulting in injury, legal issues should be the least of your worries; let the Law Office of Jhiela M. Poynter handle the burdens of your personal injury matter so you can focus on what matters. 



"Ad Litem" is Latin for "for the purposes of the suit." Jhiela M. Poynter received her Guardianship ad Litem certification in 2017 and is currently eligible to be appointed as a guardian ad litem / attorney ad litem in Texas Courts under Tex. Estates Code §1054.201; she has served in that capacity in numerous "friendly suits" to aid in the recovery of minor settlements  as well as in the context of probate and county tax cases.

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